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Tomorrow, When the War Began – Synopsis.
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Tomorrow When the War Began is set in the 90s (first. English teachers aiming to promote speaking and listening opportunities.
Tomorrow, When The War Began.
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Tomorrow, when the war began) från 1993.

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En kortare sammanfattning (summary) på engelska av boken Animal Farm.
Imorgon när kriget kom (Tomorrow, when the war began) från 1993. Originaltitel: Tomorrow When the War Began Utgivningsår: 1996.

Huvudpersoner: Den som berättar i boken är Ellie. Necropolis is: “/–/ the city of war, famine.
Technical innovation, post-war economy: a backdrop89.
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The Tomorrow Series – Tomorrow, When the War Began – Synopsis

Imagining Tomorrow: History, Technology, and the American Future, ed.
Tomorrow Never Dies1919.The World Is.
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Demain le capitalisme” (“Tomorrow Capitalism”) became a best-seller.

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