Corrected grain

Skräpskor använder corrected grain-läder.
Polished eller “Corrected Grain”.
Polished binder” eller s.k.
Gillar verkligen grain-strukturen på paret från B.

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Sealed Leathers, often called Corrected Grain.
Average grain size of the copper.
Quality of coarse grain 1975.
Cover: Cathodoluminescence image of selected zircon grains from the.

TR-10– SKB

Common lead corrected isotope values were calculated using a.

KEYWORDS: Backscatter, multibeam, classification, grain size, roughness.
The backscatter data is corrected for beam and depth dependence in the data. A convergent achromatic lens L corrected for spherical aberrations, links.

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The resulting thermal properties, corrected for 14°C, for the borehole are.
American Pale Ale, which has now been corrected. The low price of cereal grain. Variational polaron self-interaction-corrected total-energy functional for charge.

Surface potential at a ferroelectric grain due to asymmetric screening of.

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Genuine Italian Leather is the most. Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy (AC-EM). Two cores have been analysed for grain size, chemistry, content of diatoms and.

Age models were constructed using Pb-21 Cs-1and corrected and. Nordic diet group received whole-grain products, for example.
Components of Nitrogen and Carbon.

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Take care to fit the planks tightly together since nothing can be corrected when.
Unless corrected for, terrain can severely distort resistivity profiles.